Ülker - Mutluluk Teknikleri

Out Of The Blue Happiness Techniques


Being happy is a piece of cake, you just need to know the techniques. “So,” you must be thinking to yourself “where can I find these techniques”, right? Nowhere other than in these videos we made for Ülker.  


Youngsters got so lost in the search of happiness that they don’t know where to look for it anymore. However, there are tons of small reasons around them to make them happy. So how do we make them realize all these small reasons to be happy?


Dunking Potibors in your tea, finding money in your pants, warm socks, eating Çubuk Krakers sideways… We filmed all these small things that make us happy all the time. We designed a world full of stylish rooms and fashionable stickers that appeals to the visual taste of youngsters. We used an electronic pop version of our brand music to make it sound hip as well. We made films worthy of youngsters to make them as happy as they can get.

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