Breathe Right Lavanta

Breathe Right wanted to announce its new product, Lavender, to its followers suffering from sleep deprivation due to nasal congestion. 

Nasal congestion is among the top causes of sleep deprivation. We’ve explained Breathe Right’s “Lavender” product which both eliminates lack of sleep problems by decongesting the nose, and makes you feel like you are in a flower garden with its fresh lavender scent in a humorous way.

Everything comes back to nose congestion in the adventure of a woman who can’t sleep because of a congested nose. The nose congestion and sleep-depriving thoughts vanish with Breathe Right Lavender at the end of the movie.

To underline the importance of sleeping well and show what happens when we are deprived of it; we worked with 6 Youtubers who were experts in their fields & convinced them to publish their unaired mistakes. Because it doesn’t matter how experienced or talented you are… The lack of adequate sleep causes everyone to make mistakes and internet users really love watch epic fails!

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